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UWindsor ALERT

Receive emergency communications on any device you wish.
  • cell phones
  • text message
  • voice-mail
  • other devices you register
or edit your current account info

We are very pleased to announce the campus' emergency notification system, called UWindsorAlert, which enables fast and efficient dissemination of critical information to members of the University community during a major emergency. Many events have demonstrated how vitally important it is for us to have an emergency notification system that can reach people wherever they are located.

UWindsorAlert allows the University to send simultaneous alerts in minutes through email-to-text messaging, voicemail and email, to numerous devices, such as cell phones, land-line phones, fax machines and PDAs. It provides our students, staff and faculty with an additional layer of security and protection in emergency response, in conjunction with our already well-established emergency communication methods, such as University-wide broadcast emails, on-line updates via the UWindsor homepage, coordinated use of public media outlets, and public address systems.

The effectiveness of this notification system depends upon individuals providing accurate and up-to-date personal contact information. We urge you to partner with the University in registering your cell phone number, as well as other emergency contact information, so that University officials can communicate with you wherever you happen to be.

The University of Windsor, its agents or representatives assume no responsibility in the event that any message is not received by or transmitted to any subscriber or non-subscriber of the UWindsor Alert notification system.

The UWindsor Alert notification system is subscriber-based, in that sole responsibility for using the system or opting out of the registry resides with the registrant or user of the system.