Dr. Marcia Gragg


Dr. Marcia Gragg, C. Psych.

My purpose is to make autism research more believable, accessible and helpful to families of children with autism.

I aim to conduct research relevant to the concerns of families of children with autism, especially in the Windsor and Essex County area.

Research Interests

1. Diagnosis and assessment in autism and related disorders (early identification and diagnosis, ability patterns, receptive language, misdiagnosis).

2. Behavioural interventions in autism and related disorders (early identification and intervention, parent training, followup of children in early intervention programs, anger management methods, social learning difficulties).

3. Dissemination of "best practices" in autism diagnosis and intervention in our community. To increase community capacity (early ientification and intervention, parent training, social support).

Teaching Interests

1. A positive approach to behavioural interventions. See my course website for
02-46-427: Methods of Behavioural Change

2. Inspiring the next generation of Psychologists, Teachers, Parents, Behaviour Therapists and others to work with, parent, teach and encourage children with typical development or Autism Spectrum Disorders, other Developmental Disabilities, and behavioural challenges. See my course, 02-46-428: Practicum in Developmental Disabilities

Office: Room 172 Chrysler Hall South, Sunset Ave., Windsor, ON
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 1:40 to 3:40 p.m., or email for appointment