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FAQ 367

Why is Lotus Notes displaying "Warning: unexpected MIME" error on start-up?

When you start Lotus Notes, the following warring message is displayed:

When you click on the "OK" button, Lotus Notes shuts down.

This issue is most likely caused by a corrupted location document in the user's names.nsf (Contacts) database.

Steps to correct the problem:

1. Make sure Lotus Notes is down. Find and open notes.ini file in Notepad.

2. Locate the line "Location=<name of the user's last used location document>", and edit it so that only "Location=" is left (ie. remove the actual location name). This will force Notes to prompt for location when you re-start it.

Example: if the line was saying "Location=Office", change it to "Location="

3. Add new line to notes.ini: "PromptForLocation=1" (without quotes)

4. Start Lotus Notes, it will prompt you to select the location document. Select "Island" or "Offline". This will allow you to launch Notes so that you can rebuild the corrupted location document.

5. Open Contacts (names.nsf) and go to Advanced.

6. Rename corrupted location document. Example: Chage "Office" to "Office_old"

7. Create a new location document naming it the same as the old one. Example: "Office"

8. Configure all relevant settings in the new location document, as explained in the FAQ 71 (see below).

9. Save and close the new location document. Close Contacts.

10. Switch to the new location.

Additional Information

Please see:
FAQ 71 - What are the correct settings on a Location document in Lotus Notes?

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