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The Role of Music in the Workplace

This site addresses the role of music and emotion in high stress occupations (including Air Traffic Controllers and Computer Information Systems Developers).The first step in the evolution of this site is to make available the findings from a music and quality-of-work study, entitled The effect of music listening on the quality-of-work of computer information systems developers, carried out by Dr. Teresa Lesiuk, University of Windsor, Canada ( The investigation involved six different computer software development companies in which the effect of music use on computer development was measured. Along with a presentation of the findings, there are also comments from the developers in regards to the use of music while working.
Students may also want to peruse this site in their search for knowledge about the empirical research process. While the study mainly uses a quantitative approach there is certainly a presence of qualitative “spirit” in that there are references to informal discussions and written responses.
The study findings are presented in two forms on this site: (1) an overview of the study presented as a power point slide show, and (2) a fuller form of the study accessible as PDF.

This site also includes websites related to the influence of music on human behaviour, stress in the information systems industry, and finally a list of references in relation to music and quality-of-work.

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