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Manufacturing enterprises are facing many challenges presented by change and turbulence in markets and business environment, increased global competition, and need for agility, responsiveness, high quality and lower costs. Manufacturing companies need to design and install organizational structures and technical solutions that can quickly and economically react to unpredictable conditions. Changeability at all levels of the organization, adaptable supply chains, reconfigurable products, processes and manufacturing systems, and effective co-operation among distributed enterprise networks are necessary to meet the evolving market requirements. The availability of solutions that go beyond adaptability and flexibility will thus be crucial for enhancing productivity and competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.

The CARV 2007 conference will be a forum for discussing important issues, current research directions and industrial implementations and that address these challenges, with particular focus on: Manufacturing Systems Paradigms, Factory Planning and Control, Product Development and Production Planning, Cost and Risk Management, and Enterprise Design and Knowledge Management.





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