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In the development of a disaster plan, staff from all areas of the institution should be consulted, however, it is necessary to establish a committee of experts.  Every archives and library must personalize the plan to make it conform with the specific requirements of their institution.

Members of the University of Windsor Archives and Library Disaster Planning Committee should include:

The Commitee is responsible for identifying the emergencies that can occur and the appropriate disasters response.  Potential disaster may include: In addition, the Disaster Planning Commitee is responsible for organizing staff and volunteers into three disaster teams: prevention, action and recovery.  When developing the three teams, the Disaster Planning Committee should:

1. Consider human safety first.

2. Assign responsibilities and establish authority. Appoint a Recovery Director (and a back-up) who will:

3. Examine the Archives' legal position.

4. Ensure the efficiency of the salvage operation.

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