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Developing a disaster plan is an essential aspect of protecting the holdings of an archival institution. Disaster management will avoid panic, disarray, and damaging mistakes in the event of a catastrophe. Although prevention is an important consideration, some disasters will remain beyond our control.  The University of Windsor Archives and Library is a relatively small organization, and is particularly vulnerable to disastrous events. A small staff and limited resources require that disaster recovery involve a large number of untrained volunteers. In an effort to act as a guide for all stages of a disaster, the plan must be simplistic, yet comprehensive. 2) Archives & Library Disaster Plan

The goals of the University of Windsor Archives disaster plan are:

1. Implement disaster prevention policies.
2. Develop disaster preparedness.
3. Maximize the speed and efficiency of recovery.
4. Establish post-disaster strategies.

Copies of the completed plan must be distributed to the following:

It is extremely important that copies of the plan be maintained off-site for quick reference in case of an emergency.


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