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26 Sep 1760
France surrenders the Lakes Region to the British.
20 Sep 1783
The boundary between the U.S. and British North America is drawn at the center of the Lakes and the connecting waters. The communities of Oswego, Niagara, Detroit and Mackinac are now part of the United States. The British remain at Fort Detroit for thirteen more years.
24 Jul 1788
Four districts were named in British North America. Lord Dorchester determined that the western limit of the Hesse District included Detroit and all lands lying west of the Great Lakes. The Township of Sandwich was formed.
Early 1789
Lord Dorchester appointed land boards for each of the districts to help expedite the settlement process.
26 Dec 1791
Canada was legally divided into Upper and Lower Canada.
16 Jul 1792
Richard Pollard was sworn in as sheriff.
26 Jul 1792
Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe proclaimed the boundaries of Essex County.
15 Oct 1792
Parliament changed the names of the four districts; Hesse was changed to the Western District. Deputy surveyors were appointed for each of the districts.
Richard Pollard was appointed Registrar of the counties of Essex and Kent.
Pollard was appointed Registrar of the Surrogate Court.
9 Sep 1794
Walter Roe was appointed the first Clerk of the Peace.
6 Nov 1794
The land boards were dissolved; from now on surveys were made under direct instructions from the Surveyor General or his Deputy.
10 Aug 1795
The first Registry Act was passed by the Provincial Parliament.
21 Aug 1795
Simcoe's proclamation directed all holders of certificates or tickets of occupation to deposit them with the Clerk of the Peace of the District.
Jan 1796
The last Court of Quarter Sessions was held in Detroit.
16 Mar 1796
The first memorial for Essex County was registered and signed at Detroit.
3 Jun 1796
The "Exodus Act" required the departure of British authority from Detroit to Sandwich.
Aug 1796
Michigan was ceded to the United States.
Sandwich (also known as South Detroit) was made the county seat.
18 Jan 1802
Detroit was incorporated.
7 Jun 1802
Richard Pollard turned over his duties as sheriff to William Hands.
Pollard appointed Hands Deputy Registrar for Essex, Kent and Suffolk counties.
The U.S. Land Office opened in Detroit.


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