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Get a CLEW
The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Information Technology Services (ITS) are pleased to announce that CLEW, the University of Windsor's newly minted on-line collaboration and learning environment, will be "open for business" for Fall 2007. This new LMS (Learning management system) will replace ViCKi, the venerable home-grown Lotus Notes-based application that has nearly reached the end of its effective life span and which will be phased out over the next year or so.

Like other modern LMS systems (such as Blackboard, WebCT and Desire2Learn), CLEW is a completely web-based application which offers far more features than ViCKi ever could. Now, after a year of piloting CLEW in various phases, and with the active help and feedback from dozens of faculty and hundreds of students, ITS and CTL are on track to make CLEW available to everyone on campus as of Fall 2007.

Based on the Sakai Learning Management System, CLEW (which stands for Collaboration and Learning Environment Windsor) will allow instructors and researchers to create and manage websites that enable them to interact with students or colleagues in a wide variety of ways. These include:
  • offering complete distance education courses;
  • creating repositories for class handouts, supplementary readings, case studies and links to external sources;
  • providing access to secure and private grade distribution;
  • allowing assignment submission and on-line quizzing and testing;
  • creating research sites that allow colleagues from both within and external to the University of Windsor to share ideas, collaborate on writing and research, and share findings with others for review.

CLEW Course Sites
To have a new CLEW course site created for you from scratch, please follow the link below and login. You will then see your personal contact information included in a form. Please be prepared to fill in the rest of the form with the following (where applicable):
  1. Whether you would like a "sandbox site" in addition to the course site you are requesting (A sandbox site works exactly like a course site except that it is not connected to classlists or other databases, and so you can safely use it to explore and learn how the different tools work, and how you might want to set things up in your actual course site, without inadvertently changing or losing content).
  2. Course number (contact the LMS administrator if you wish to have multiple courses access a single site).
  3. Section number(s) (indicate here if you intend to have more than one section of the same course access the site).
  4. Semester and year in which the course will next be offered.
You will be notified when the site is ready for you to begin adding content.

CLEW Course Site Request Form

Migrating from ViCKi
If you would like content from an existing ViCKi kit migrated to a new CLEW course site, you can include this in the form above or, if you are unsure about the specific KitID (providing simply the name and course number is insufficient), simply go to the ViCKi kit you want migrated inside Lotus Notes. In the left hand menu is a new item titled: Migrate to Sakai (just below Site Security). Click this option. Answer Yes, and yes. This will place the ViCKi Course Kit information in a queue for migration.

Note: Most, but not all parts of a ViCKi Course Kit can be migrated using our automated tool. For example, existing discussion board groups (if any) in your existing ViCKi kits cannot be migrated. The same is true for ViCKi Assignments. These must instead be re-created manually in the new CLEW site. Please allow yourself ample time to do this in addition to the time required to migrate the rest of your site.

Please allow 2 weeks to process Creation / Migration requests (Normally done on Mondays).

Sorry, but we do not currently support the automated migration of course sites other than those created in ViCKi. Please request a new CLEW site and allow yourself time to manually move or recreate your content into it.

CLEW Project Sites
Project sites differ from course sites in a number of ways, most notably in that they generally do not contain the typical assessment and student management tools found in course sites. They are designed primarily for collaboration projects between academic parties outside scheduled courses, such as research projects, writing projects etc. These sites can include University of Windsor and non-University of Windsor participants.

Currently, project sites (and only project sites) can be requested by contacting the LMS Administrator by e-mail. Please provide briefly the nature of the project, your university affiliation, and a phone contact where you can be reached. The LMS Administrator will contact you to discuss your project and how best to set up a site to suit your needs.

Getting Help
For those new to CLEW, or migrating over from ViCKi, there is a lot of help available. In conjunction with preparing the software and hardware, a plan has been developed and implemented for comprehensive support and training. As with ViCKi, the ITS HelpDesk will be the first line of support for all CLEW -based questions. But this is just the start.

In addition, a series of workshops for both new and advanced CLEW users has been developed to provide training to faculty and staff. These workshops are free and offered either at the Computing Centre's training lab or the CTL's Language and Multimedia computer lab in Lambton Tower. A full schedule of these workshops and how to sign up for them is available on the CLEW Information website, a collaboration between ITS and CTL. This website is a major source of help and information about the CLEW system, with monthly updates on the progress of our implementation, printable tipsheets on virtually every tool and function available to users, as well as a large and growing section on how these tools can be incorporated into your teaching and research. You will also be able to submit a request for a new course website from here.

Everyone is encouraged to visit the CLEW Information website address at: .