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    Dr. Paul Boin
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    Communication Studies is a well-established and highly subscribed program at the University of Windsor. It offers students a diverse program of study that combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students can focus their studies on media practices, theory and criticism, or policy and systems, or blend all three areas in a three-year or four-year degree program. There is also the option of a newly created Master's Program. The Communication Studies Program at the University of Windsor welcomes feedback so we can better understand our visitors and meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us (519-253-3000 ext. 2896 or 2897, also see more details at:

    MISSION STATEMENT: The goal of the Communication Studies Department is to facilitate critical understanding of global communication practices within a Social Justice framework. In our teaching, research, and creative activities, we work to:
    1. develop media literacy and active critical citizenship in an increasingly mediated world,
    2. understand social justice issues and how they relate to media representation and power relations in mass and alternative media,
    3. provide opportunities for creative empowerment through competencies in film, sound and digital production.

    The Communication Studies Department at the University of Windsor offers the only M.A. program in Canada with a curriculum focus on Social Justice. This distinctive approach differs from individualist and/or administrative communication programs that may downplay the social and political dimensions of communicative forms and practices and provides students with a unique opportunity to explore and address questions of power and social inequality in relation to such issues as:

    ownership and control of media apparatuses; communication and social movements, cultural production and media representation; policy, law and regulation; new communication/information technologies; consumer society and corporate culture; globalization. The student-centred program emphasizes both theory and practice and prepares students to take an active and meaningful role in various social, cultural, and political-economic milieus both locally and globally. With a faculty of 13 researchers exploring a wide variety of social justice issues, the Masters Program presents an excellent opportunity for committed students to advance their personal, professional, and academic development. This is a full-time program only.