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    Dr. Paul Boin
    Room 4105 Lambton Tower
    University of Windsor
    Windsor, ON Canada N9B 3P4
    (519) 253-3000 ext. 2893

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    First Night of Conference (Tues. May 15, 2007)

    5:00pm-7:15pm ON-SITE REGISTRATION BEGINS [in CAW Auditorium]

    6:00pm-7:45pm Hors D'oeuvres Served & Cash Bar

    6:00pm-7:25pm WELCOMING COMMENTS & PLAY [in CAW Auditorium]

    6:00-6:05: Welcoming Comments

    6:05pm:-7:20pm Students from the University of Guelph will perform a play:
    'The Noam Chomsky Lectures'/'Haiti Held Hostage'

    7:30pm-8:45pm KEYNOTE ADDRESS [in CAW Auditorium]

    AMY GOODMAN: "Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders and the People Who Fight Back"

    Following Amy Goodman's address/Q&A there will be a special screening (open to the public) of:

    Kevin Pina's new film Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits at 8:45pm in the Moot Court/Law School

    First Full Day/Night of Conference (Wed. May 16, 2007)


    8:40am-9:00am WELCOMING & OPENING REMARKS [in TOLDO Building]

    TBA: Conference Welcoming and Opening Remarks [in Toldo #100]

    (Alternative Media/Book Fair Begins in Toldo Lobby: Continues until 3:00PM Thur., May 17)

    9:00am-10:15am 1ST BREAK-OUT PANEL DISCUSSIONS [in TOLDO Building]

    Session 1A [in Toldo #100]

    Theme: Race, Resistance, and the Propaganda Model

    AUGIE FLERAS: "Mis(news)casting Minorities: Biased Coverage or Coverage That is Biasing? Towards a Systemic Propaganda Model"

    ROBERT HARDING: "Framing Aboriginal Self-Governance in Canadian News Discourse"

    DEEPA KUMAR: "Why Collective Struggle Matters: The Case for a Dominance/Resistance Model of
    the Media"

    Session 1B [in Toldo #102]

    Theme: Ideology Today, and the Propaganda Model 1

    CHRIS FLOOD , STEPHEN HUTCHINGS, "The Ideological Dimension of the Propaganda Model: A Case
    GALINA MIAZHEVICH & HENRI NICKELS: Study of Public Service Broadcasting and the War on Terror"

    GHADA CHEHADE: "Strategic Demons & Ubiquitous Enemies In The Post 9/11 Propaganda Model:
    A Case Study of Anti-Terrorism as the New Anti-Communism"

    ISRA ALI: "Keeping Ideology Alive? Exploring the Role of Radical/Fundamentalist Islam
    in the Propaganda Model"

    Session 1C [in Toldo #104]

    Theme: Media Ownership Today and the Propaganda Model

    MEERA KARUNANANTHAN: "Media Ownership and Partisan Bias in Canadian Daily Newspapers"

    THOMAS BAGGERMAN: "Ownership/Technology/Content: Revisiting Herman & Chomsky’s
    Ownership Filter"
    ALEXIS HUDELOT: "The 'Fundamentalism' Dimension of the Ownership Filter"

    Session 1D [in Toldo #203]

    Theme: International Media and the Propaganda Model 1

    ANDREW MULLEN: "British Press Coverage of European Integration: Applying the Herman-Chomsky
    Propaganda Model"

    ANDREW MONTI: "The Propaganda Model and Public Service Broadcasting: The Case of RAI, Italy"

    SCOTT LOVAAS: "Thought Control in Democratic South Africa"

    10:15am-10:30am COFFEE BREAK [in ODETTE Lobby]

    10:30am-12:00pm OPENING PLENARY DISCUSSION [in ODETTE #104]

    Theme: The Propaganda Model's Usefulness for Understanding 21st Century Media and Society

    EDWARD HERMAN: "The Propaganda Model 20 Years Later"

    JOHN DOWNING: "Assessing the Herman/Chomsky Propaganda Model: The View
    From the Home Front and the Twist from Social Movement Media"

    ROBERT HACKETT: "Reconsidering the Propaganda Model in light of the Hierarchy of
    Influences Model and Field Theory."

    VALERIE SCATAMBURLO-D’ANNIBALE: "The Propaganda Model in the Post 9/11 Era"

    PAUL BOIN: Chair/Moderator

    12:15pm-1:30pm LUNCH & KEYNOTE ADDRESS [in CAW Auditorium]

    JUDY REBICK: "Propaganda and Patriarchy"

    1:45pm-3:00pm 2nd BREAK-OUT PANEL DISCUSSIONS [in TOLDO Building]

    Session 2A [in Toldo #100]

    Theme: War, Propaganda, and the Propaganda Model 1

    ROBIN ANDERSEN: "What Congressional Testimony about 'Misleading Information on the Battlefield'
    Tells Us About War Propaganda"

    SHELDON RAMPTON: "Breaking the Frame: How New Media Are Changing the Propaganda Model"

    VALERIE ZAWILSKI & "Manufacturing Wars: American and Canadian Newspaper Reports on Iran,
    KENNETH DOWLER Iraq, North Korea and Afghanistan 2001-2007"

    Session 2B [in Toldo #102]

    Theme: Expanding the Propaganda Model

    DENNIS MURPHY: "Propaganda In and For Today: A Modest Proposal"

    CLIFF VANDERLINDEN: "A Sixth Filter? The Case for Technology in the Propaganda Model"

    COLIN SPARKS: "Extending and Refining the Propaganda Model"

    Session 2C [in Toldo #104]

    Theme: Canadian Propaganda, Canadian Media, and the Propaganda Model

    MAIJA SAARI, DUNN L, "Whose right to know about new drugs? Impact of the Big Pharma-Media Interlock
    PILLA J, & SINGH S. on Population Health in the Battle for Direct-to-Consumer Drug Marketing in Canada"

    LYDIA MILJAN: "Applying the Propaganda Model to the Canadian Media System"

    KOLE KILIBARDA: "Media Report Card on Accuracy in Reporting of Israel/Palestine:
    Canadian Print Media"

    Session 2D [in Toldo #203]

    Theme: International Media and the Propaganda Model 2

    DAVID KOVIN: "The 'Rwanda Effect': How the Media Grew Tired of Africa and Brought Terrorist
    Violence to America"

    ABUBAKAR D. ALHASSAN: "Flakking Al-Jazeera: An examination of Washington establishment's responses
    to the coverage of 'Unworthy Victims'"

    FAIZA HIRJI KASSAM: "Propaganda’s Song and Dance Routine: Analyzing Discourses of
    Reterritorialization in Indian Media"

    3:00pm-3:15pm COFFEE BREAK [in TOLDO Lobby]

    3:15pm-4:30pm 3rd BREAK-OUT PANEL DISCUSSIONS [in TOLDO Building]

    Session 3A [in Toldo #100]

    Theme: Alternative Media, Social Change and the Propaganda Model

    PETER PHILLIPS: "Left Progressive Media Inside the Propaganda Model"

    OLIVER BOYD-BARRETT: "Recovering Agency for the Propaganda Model"

    DAVID MILLER: "The Propaganda Model and Social Change"

    Session 3B [in Toldo #102]

    Theme: New Frontiers for Propaganda, New Dimensions for the Propaganda Model 1

    KATHERINE BATEMAN: "Internal Regulation: Understanding the construction of the
    home-grown 'Others'"

    JAMES COMPTON & "Fear on the Planet of the Slums: Is Propaganda Necessary?"

    BRIAN DOLBER: "Consolidation and the Propaganda Model: Comparing NAFTA and PNTR
    Coverage on ABC News"

    Session 3C [in Toldo #104]

    Theme: 'Democracy Promotion' as Propaganda in Latin America and the Caribbean

    ANTHONY LENZO: "Toward a Propaganda Model of Liberation: The Propaganda Model Applied
    to the 21st Century Socialism of Venezuela"

    MANUEL ROZENTAL & "Manufactured consent for export?
    ISABEL MACDONALD: The Propaganda Model and US and Canadian ‘democracy promotion’

    KEVIN PINA: "Democracy for Whom?: The Haiti Information Project's
    Counter-Propaganda Efforts"

    Session 3D [in Toldo #203]

    Theme: Marginalization, Dissent, and the Propaganda Model

    KIRSTEN KOZOLANKA: "Unworthy Citizens, Poverty and the Media: A Case Study in Marginalized Voices,
    Alternative Media and Oppositional Communication"

    DANIEL AHADI: "The Ideology Filter Today: Islam and Violence"

    IRENA KNEZEVIC: "Seeds of Radical Criticism: Theoretical Precursors of The Propaganda Model"

    5:30PM-7:45pm DINNER & KEYNOTE ADDRESS [in CAW Auditorium]

    5:30pm-7:00pm Dinner Served & Cash Bar

    6:10pm-7:35pm Keynote Address By Sut Jhally and Q&A

    SUT JHALLY: Title: "Pedagogy and the Propaganda Model"

    7:45PM-pm-9:30pm 2nd PLENARY DISCUSSION [in CAW Auditorium]

    Theme: The Propaganda Model and the Prospects for Mainstream Media and Documentary Film

    Manufacturing Consent (Film) (25 min excerpt)

    ANTONIA ZERBISIAS: ''The View from the Couch''

    DANNY SCHECHTER: "Challenging Media Crimes"

    JIM WINTER: Chair/Moderator

    Second Full Day of Conference (Thu. May 17, 2007)

    7:30am-8:30am CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST [in TOLDO Building]

    8:45am-10:00am 4th BREAK-OUT PANEL DISCUSSIONS [in TOLDO Building]

    (Alternative Media/Book Fair Continues in Toldo Lobby until 3:00PM Thur., May 17)

    Session 4A [in Toldo #100]

    Theme: Journalism, Journalism Education, and the Propaganda Model

    KELLY FINCHAM: "A Thousand Days of Propaganda: The New York Times and the
    "War on Terror", September 2001 to November 2004"

    MERCEDES LYNN DE URIATE: "Urbanizing the Propaganda Model: Filtered Sources, Worthy and
    Unworthy Victims in Gentrification"

    ROBERT JENSEN: "The Faculty Filter: Why the Propaganda Model is Marginalized in Journalism Schools"

    Session 4B [in Toldo #102]

    Theme: Environmental Issues and the Propaganda Model

    MICHAEL J. BARKER: "Global Greens and the Mass Media: Building for a Participatory Future?"

    JOHN SORENSON: "Attacking Animal Advocacy"

    Session 4C [in Toldo #104]

    Theme: War, Propaganda, and the Propaganda Model 2

    VICTOR PICKARD: "When the Barbaric Becomes Sublime: How the Elite U.S. Press
    Normalized the Iraq War"

    DANILO MANDIC: "The Propaganda Model and the 1999 NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia"

    Session 4D [in Toldo #203]

    Theme: International Media and the Propaganda Model 3

    ANDREW KENNIS: "Combining the Propaganda Model and the Indexing Hypothesis: A Case Study
    Evaluating CNN/CNN en Espanol, on Coverage of Fallujah"

    VOLKAN UCE: "The Assassination of Hrant Dink on the News in 10 countries: A Contemporary
    Case Study of the Propaganda Model"

    10:00am-10:15am COFFEE BREAK [in TOLDO Lobby]

    10:15am-11:30am 5th BREAK-OUT PANEL DISCUSSIONS [in TOLDO Building]

    Session 5A [in Toldo #100]

    Theme: Government Propaganda, Public Broadcasting, and the Propaganda Model

    PATRICIA MAZEPA: "Direct from the Source: When the Canadian Government Produces
    its Own Propaganda"

    STEVE ANDERSON: "Advancing Public Service Media Through Charitable Trusts"

    MOLLY NIESEN: "Just Say No: The Anti-drug Crusade as Systematic Propaganda"

    Session 5B [in Toldo #102]

    Theme: A Case Study: Canadian/US/Media Involvement in Haiti, and the Propaganda Model

    JAMES WINTER: "When Foreign Policies Meet: The New Underground Railway Runs
    From Haiti to Windsor"

    ISABEL MACDONALD: "Freedom of the Press Barons: The Haitian Media and he 2004 Coup D’etat"

    KEVIN PINA: "Guerilla Tactics for Challenging the Corporate Media"

    PAUL BOIN: "Haiti Through the Theoretical Prism of the Propaganda Model and Eurocentrism:
    An Analysis of North-American Media Coverage

    Session 5C [in Toldo #104]

    Theme: New Frontiers of Propaganda, New Dimensions for the Propaganda Model 2

    GABRIEL BOTMA: "Manufacturing Cultural Capital: The Political Economy of Arts Journalism
    Die Burger (2004-2005)"

    MEGAN BOLER: "‘Truthiness’ and Satire as Counterspin: Fighting Propaganda with the
    Humor of Desperation"

    BEVERLEY BEST: "Capitalism, Depression and Representation: What Julia Kristeva’s Analysis of
    Depression can Offer a Theory of Popular Media Representation"

    Session 5D [in Toldo #203]

    Theme: New Media Technologies, Labour, and the Propaganda Model

    JAMES F. TRACY: "Historical Notes on the Propaganda Model and the Class War Within: Labor,
    Technology, and U.S. Newspaper Industry"

    DEREK HRYNYSHYN: "Propaganda Model and New Media"

    BRIAN BROWN: "Manipulating the Source Filter: Visual Subterfuge and the
    New Media Environment of Web 2.0"

    11:45pm-12:45pm LUNCH & KEYNOTE ADDRESS [in CAW Auditorium]

    ROBERT W. McCHESNEY: "The Legacy of Herman, Chomsky and the Propaganda Model"

    1:00pm-2:45pm 3rd PLENARY DISCUSSION [in ODETTE #104 (350)]

    Theme: A Conference Discussion: Revitalizing and Improving the Propaganda Model
    and our Media System

    EDWARD HERMAN: Will make a brief opening statement and will respond to questions and comments

    NOAM CHOMSKY: Will make a brief opening statement and will respond to questions and comments

    PAUL BOIN: Chair/Moderator

    2:45pm-3:00pm COFFEE BREAK [in TOLDO Lobby]

    3:00pm-4:00pm 6th BREAK-OUT PANEL DISCUSSIONS [in TOLDO Building]

    Session 6A [in Toldo #100]

    LINDA McQUAIG: "Imperial Envy: Canada and the U.S. Empire"

    Session 6B [in Toldo #102]

    Theme: Creating an Action Legacy for Media Improvement

    A Moderated Discussion by Paul Boin (Univ. Windsor) & Isabel MacDonald (FAIR) for the purpose of:

    Creating an ongoing media monitoring system for Canadian Media

    Furthering the media justice and democracy movement

    Building international media activism linkages

    Planning for the development of producing proactive media policy proposals

    Amplifying the voice of the marginalized etc…

    Session 5C [in Toldo #104]

    Theme: Screening of the Film Weapon's of Mass Deception (By Danny Schechter)

    Session 6D [in Toldo #104]

    Theme: Screening/viewing of U-Windsor Student Films & Projects

    Various (TBA)

    4:05pm-4:25pm 5 SHUTTLE-BUSES LEAVE FOR THEATRE [outside TOLDO Building]

    5:00pm-6:50pm KEYNOTE ADDRESS [at Chrysler Theatre]

    NOAM CHOMSKY: "'A Poisoned Chalice': The Media and the Use of Force"

    7:00pm-8:00pm DINNER FOR CONFERENCE REGISTRANTS [at Chrysler Theatre]

    8:00pm-10:45pm MUSICAL CONCERT [at Chrysler Theatre]

    1-2 Shuttle Buses will be Returning from Theatre (8:10pm-8:25pm) [outside Theatre]

    RON LEARY: 8:00pm-8:45pm

    K'NAAN: 9:00pm-10:45pm

    10:55pm-11:10pm 3 SHUTTLE-BUSES RETURN FROM THEATRE [outside Theatre]

    THE END… (of the '"official conference program" not the end of the unofficial proceedings…)

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