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    Dr. Paul Boin
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    THE NEED FOR ACTION: After the high of our conference ending on Thursday evening, I awoke Friday morning to read the following news blurb on of the front page of the Globe and Mail (Friday May 18-07) which read: "CRTC Quits Ad Controls. Canada's broadcast regulator is getting out of the business of regulating how many ad minutes broadcasters can air each hour. Now the decision will be left up to the networks – and how much their viewers can stomach" (see full story PAGE B1). Absolutely incredible!!!...Here's our chance/SPARK!, Canadians, to build a Canadian Media Democracy/Reform/Revolution movement. Let's stop this CRTC lunacy in its tracks. Remind them that our broadcast system belongs to the public not simply the whims of industry, and that this is not simply de-regulation but re-regulation (re-regulation by private interests with no concern or possible input from the public interest). To file a formal CRTC Complaint click here, and spread the word, and write to your MPs (Culture Minister Bev Oda and Prime Minister Stephen Harper's email addresses are:,, the media, write your own op-eds, articles, protest etc... As has been stated: democratic rights don't just happen. They must be fought for and won, and re-won, and re-won etc…

    "That to know and not to act is not to know."
    Wang Yang-Ming, Chinese philosopher

    Yours hopefully,


    Dr. Paul D. Boin, Conference Chair
    Chair, Graduate Program in Communication and Social Justice
    Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
    University of Windsor, 4105 Lambton Tower
    Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4
    (Tel.) 519-253-3000 ext. 2893