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What is it?

ACM is the an international computer organization that every serious computer scientist should be aware of and involved in its activities. The programming contest is first held locally. Then the 2 winning teams compete in a regional competition in October.

Who is Eligible?

All registered full-time undergraduate students and first year full-time master students are eligible to join the competition.

What do I have to program and in what language?

You receive 4 to 6 questions and we allocate 3 to 5 hours to code them. You can use either Java, C, or C++ to code them. All I/O is console based.

The one who successfully code the most questions in the shortest time wins.

What do I need to do?

The competition requires teams of 3 individuals sharing one computer. If you do not have a team do not worry! Just register and we will assign you to a team at the time of the contest.

Costs / Benefits?

It does not cost you anything to join the programming competition, and if you are selected to compete in the regional competition it is also free for you. Winners will receive valuable prizes, last year the top five winning teams shared over $550 in prizes (and free pizza and pop to all).


For more information, contact Ziad Kobti.