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Computer Science students at the University of Windsor enjoy some special advantages for development software. Software vendors provide software for students to use as part of their academic and personal study, both in and out of the classroom. However, the software products cannot be used for commercial or production use. For complete information, check out the legal notices that are part of the downloaded software, or from the vendors' Web sites.

Furthermore, a considerable amount of software is available through open source projects. These products may be used commercially, and you can even edit the source code itself, provided you follow the general guidelines. You may even want to consider participating in an open source project to learn advanced programming techniques through large software projects, or to give something back to the open source community.

This section of the Web site will guide you to software resources of interest. Use the pull-down menu in the banner above to view the separate pages and Web sites.

If you have any software that you would like to see, send e-mail to