Online Help Items

Requesting a Subversion Repository (26/01/2007)
Procedure for establishing a text (telnet) connection to the sol or luna server (14/09/2006)
60-315 Oracle Instructions (13/09/2006)
How to Restore a Lost Oracle Password (13/09/2006)
Introduction to Oracle Powerpoint Presentation (15/06/2006)
Redundancy for Faculty and Staff Web Space on Sol (10/04/2006)
JDBC Connection from Luna (07/04/2006)
Quotas on SOL and Luna (06/04/2006)
Setting up and Using the Ruby on Rails enviroment (03/04/2006)
Using Java 5 with Eclipse (on sol) (28/03/2006)
Accessing Oracle server from Windows (27/03/2006)
Using Java 5.0 on Luna (14/03/2006)
A List of Current Revisions of Installed Software (07/03/2006)
Using USB devices with Sunray Thin Clients (28/02/2006)
Accessing Oracle Server from Luna (18/01/2006)
Joining a Course group on Ataraxis (12/01/2006)
Running Your Own Tomcat Web App Server (29/09/2005)
Library Locations for using GLUT (30/09/2004)
Running X Window Applications remotely (with X Windows & ssh) (30/09/2004)
How to Obtain On-Line Help on sol or luna (29/09/2004)
Creating personal Web pages on the (sol) server (29/09/2004)
Creating CGI Scripts on the (sol) Web Server (29/09/2004)
Converting Microsoft Word Files to Postscript (29/09/2004)
Running J2EE server on Luna (23/09/2004)
Running MPI on luna (11/09/2004)
Using Projectors with Macintosh Notebook Computers (09/08/2004)
Exporting Oracle Tables (10/06/2004)
Making Changes to the "Official" Computer Science Web Site (02/03/2004)
Using Emacs Class Browser and Jde (12/01/2004)
JFLEX (02/01/2003)
Povray3.5 and ScedaII-v2.1 (07/10/2002)
How to change the editor that is used by Miranda (27/09/2000)
Setting up NeoMagic video adaptor for use with low rez projectors (12/09/2000)