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Retirement Plan - Employees
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Section 8 - Commencement And Duration Of Pensions - Commencement And Duration Of Pensions- Commencement And Duration Of Pensions

8.01 Payment Of Pensions

Except as otherwise provided in the Plan, the payment of pension benefits to a Member shall commence on the Member’s actual retirement date and shall be payable on the first day of each month thereafter during the life of such Member, ceasing with the payment due for the month in which his/her death occurs, subject to the terms of the form of pension applicable to such Member pursuant to Section 9 hereof.

8.02 Proof Of Age

Each Member shall be required to file satisfactory proof of his/her age with the University and pension payments shall not commence until such proof of age has been received and admitted by the University. A Member required to receive or electing a joint and survivorship pension shall, as part of such requirement or election, be required to file with the University satisfactory proof of his/her joint annuitant’s age.

8.03 Evidence Of Survival

The University shall have the right to require satisfactory evidence that a retired Member, Spouse or Beneficiary under the Plan is living on each and every date that a pension benefit is due to such retired Member, Spouse or other Beneficiary. In the absence of such evidence when required by the University, the benefits otherwise due shall not be paid until such evidence has been received.

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