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Retirement Plan - Employees
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Section 16 - General Provisions

16.01 No Enlargement Of Employment Rights

The Plan shall not be construed to create or enlarge any right of any person to remain in the employment of the University nor shall it interfere in any manner with the right of the University to discharge any person.

16.02 Non-Alienation

Except as specified in Section 17.03, money payable under the Plan is subject to the following restrictions:

(1) Void Transactions

any transaction that purports to assign, charge, anticipate, surrender or give as security money payable under the Plan shall not be enforceable against the Plan; and

(2) Exemption From Seizure

money payable under the Plan is exempt from execution, seizure or attachment.

16.03 Alienation Of Benefits On Marriage Breakdown

(1) Support Obligations

Payments under the Plan are subject to execution, seizure or attachment to satisfaction of an order for support or maintenance enforceable in Ontario or another relevant jurisdiction, in accordance with the Pension Benefits Act.

(2) Division Of Property

Upon the breakdown of the Spousal relationship, a Member may assign or convey all or a portion of his/her benefits and rights under the Plan to his/her Spouse or former Spouse, within the limits imposed by the Pension Benefits Act.

16.04 Non-Commutation Of Pensions

A pension or deferred pension payable under this Plan shall not be capable of being commuted, except as follows:

(1) as permitted under Section 7.07;

(2) as permitted in accordance with the Pension Benefits Act in the event that the life expectancy of the Member is likely to be considerably shortened by reason of his/her mental or physical disability.

16.05 Captions And Headings

The captions, headings and table of contents of this Plan are included for convenience of reference only and shall not be used in interpreting the provisions of this Plan.

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