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Retirement Plan - Employees
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Section 12 - Designation Of Beneficiary And Settlement
Of Death Benefits

12.01 Designation Of Beneficiary

(1) A Member may, by written notice to the Retirement Committee during his/her lifetime, designate or appoint a Beneficiary to receive the benefits which may be payable under the Plan on his/her death. Provided there is no legal or other restriction to the contrary, such Member may from time to time revoke or alter any such designation or appointment without the consent of the former Beneficiary. Each such written notice must be in such form and executed in such manner as the Retirement Committee, in its discretion, may from time to time determine.

(2) If, on the death of the Member, there should be no Beneficiary, or if the person or persons designated by the Member as his/her Beneficiary shall not be living on the date of the Member’s death, or if he/she shall have revoked the last designation made, any benefits that may be payable under the Plan on or after his/her death shall be payable to the estate of such Member in a lump sum.

12.02 Optional Settlement Where Beneficiary Is A Spouse

Where the Member’s Beneficiary is his/her Spouse, the Member may elect, or, in default of such election his/her Beneficiary may elect after his/her death, that settlement of any lump sum death benefits otherwise payable under the Plan be made in the form of an immediate life annuity, with or without a

guaranteed period, provided that such guaranteed period shall not exceed 15 years.

In all other cases, the settlement of lump sum death benefits shall be by means of single lump sum payments.

12.03 Death Of Beneficiary Prior To Full Settlement Of Benefits

Where a designated Beneficiary is entitled to pension payments under the Plan as a result of a Member’s prior death, and dies before the end of any applicable guaranteed period for the continuance of the pension payments, then the Commuted Value of pension payments otherwise payable shall be paid in a single cash amount to the estate of the Beneficiary.

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