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Holiday Hosts
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Host for the Holidays: application to host

Thank you for considering participation in the Host for the Holidays program. It is intended to provide international students at the University of Winsor an opportunity to experience a typical Canadian holiday. Please fill out the questionnaire below. We will use this information to match host requests with students.

Please do not make special arrangements for your student guests—remember, they want to see how Canadian families celebrate!
    1. Name:

    2. Address:

    3. Are you on a bus route?
    Can you provide transportation to your guest(s)?

    4. Phone number:

    5. E-mail address:

    6. Age of children (if applicable):

    7. University of Windsor affiliation:

      If other, please explain:

    8. Language spoken at home:

    9. Are there any smokers in your home?
    Can you accommodate a smoker?

    10. Do you have pets? Please list:

    11. How many students would you like to invite?

    12. Do you have any preferences on your guest’s background?


    13. Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
      i. Halal
      ii. Vegetarian
      iii. Non pork

    14. For which day and what time are you extending an invitation? December 24, 25, 26
    15. How did you learn about the host program?

We hope this program will give you and your family an opportunity to share your culture and to learn about other cultures and traditions. Please complete this form as soon as possible. If you have any questions please send email to