Our School of Theology is currently undergoing major restructuring and changes.

The Bachelor of Theology Degree program is no longer available to New Applicants.

There is no timeline currently available for future programming.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Please phone (519) 973-7039 if you have any questions or concerns

Iona College offers a degree program, a certificate program and several continuing education events related to theological education.  Many of these services are carried out in partnership with other US and Canadian Colleges.

The Bachelor of Theology degree is a 90 credit, University level degree in Christian Theology.  The degree offers critical theological education with an aim to train church leaders who may be seeking ordination or designated leadership in their particular denomination. The degree is offered on the international Detroit/Windsor Campus.

The Certification Program in Theology offers certification for Lay Worship Leaders, Church Teachers, and Pastoral Workers. A General Certificate in Theology is also available.  Certification is aimed at lay Church leaders and secular counselors who will benefit from a greater understanding of Christian theology, history, and the bible.

Each year Iona offers a select number of Continuing Education workshops on pastoral or theological topics. These have included such things as the Church and the Historical Jesus, Lectionary Preaching, and Children in the Church Year. Workshops are offered as preceived or requested. Please refer to Continuing Education for news.