Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Edition: Winter 2003
Authors: Barb Reaburn
Department: I.T. Services
Categories: Lotus Notes, TeamRoom
Position in a view: 18
Collaborating Using Lotus Notes "TeamRoom"

TeamRoom is a Lotus Domino application designed to support the processes that help people work together. A number of committees on campus are currently realizing the benefits that this database offers. TeamRoom takes advantage of the Domino groupware "sharing" platform. It makes communication richer than is typically possible with "sending" tools like e-mail. Domino also makes it possible for TeamRoom to support teams whose members are on or off campus with access through the web.

Some Benefits of Using TeamRoom
Shared Context
Information is posted once to a group rather than numerous times to specific individuals (as in e-mail). The keyword fields in each TeamRoom document provide an automatic framework in which every document or comment is placed. This structure makes it easy for you to find the information you need.

Central Frame of Reference
Completing the Setup Page is often the first piece of collaborative teamwork the team does together. Defining the team setup and other team structures at the outset provides context for the use of TeamRoom. It gives an overview of the What (content of work), How (use of TeamRoom) and When of the project, and contributes to building team commitment and focus.

Directed Communications
Through the use of the For Review By field, it is possible to direct documents to certain participants, thus creating focus. While you can do this in e-mail, TeamRoom provides the added ability to also share this directed information with other members of your team easily.

Reduced Clutter
TeamRoom provides a convenient way to store valuable information which is no longer under active consideration. This provides a more meaningful representation of current work. The organized, filed information provides a valuable historical/reference resource, both to the team as a whole and to any new team members.

In TeamRoom, your work can be assigned due dates. You can easily view documents organized under specific date milestones.

Control of Category Creation
Categories are selected by the team leader or facilitator.

Managing the Team's Knowledge
The team leader and facilitator are responsible for entering the mission, the categories and milestones which outline the team's plan. This responsibility corresponds to the larger role of these individuals in helping to manage the goals and tasks of the team.

Some Common Work Processes Supported by TeamRoom
How you use TeamRoom depends on the nature of the project or committee you are involved in. TeamRoom can make the following work easier and more efficient:

Document management

Action tracking

Meeting management

Collaborative writing

Decision making

For more information on the use of this technology, please visit www.uwindsor.ca/notes and follow the Collaboration Applications link under User Services.

If you would like a TeamRoom created for your department/group/committee, please send your request via e-mail to the HelpDesk at helpdesk@uwindsor.ca.

Figure 1 - TeamRoom main document screen

Figure 2 - TeamRoom document  list screen