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    To: Faculty of Law members
    From: Leo Groarke, Chair, Dean of Law Search Committee
    Date: September 20, 2010
    RE: Dean of the Faculty of Law Search Process Update

    The Dean of Law Search Committee is pleased to provide you with a search process update:

    Since April, the Committee has held four meetings, and provided two open sessions to gather feedback, both orally and in writing, from interested stakeholders. The advertisement and position profile for the Dean of Law has been completed, the advertisement has been circulated broadly, and both the advertisement and the position profile with candidate requirements are available on the Provost’s webpage: http://www.uwindsor.ca/provost/law-dean-search-status.

    The Committee looks forward to your continued participation as the process unfolds.

    Leo Groarke
    Provost and Chair, Law Dean Search Committee

    Search Committee Member names and contact information:
    Leo Groarke, (Chair and Provost), groarke@uwindsor.ca (519)253-3000, ext. 2003
    Maureen Irish, mirish@uwindsor.ca (519)253-3000, ext. 2950
    Muharem Kianieff, kianieff@uwindsor.ca (519)253-3000, ext. 2957
    Myra Tawfik, mjt@uwindsor.ca (519)253-3000, ext. 2935
    Marcia Valiante, mvalian@uwindsor.ca (519)253-3000, ext. 2963

    Melissa Wright, wright1q@uwindsor.ca

    Professional Community:
    Paul Howard, paul.howard@shibleyrighton.com

    Francine Herlehy, herlehy@uwindsor.ca (519)253-3000, ext. 4230

    Equity Assessor:
    Tanya Basok, basok@uwindsor.ca (519)253-3000, ext. 3498

    Committee Resource and Support Staff:
    Carrie Hunting, hunting@uwindsor.ca (519)253-3000, ext. 2001

    Search Consultants:
    Gerri Woodford, gwoodford@jwasearch.com