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    Windsor Law Students secure Ten Clerkships for 2011-2012

    Windsor Law students were, once again, successful in obtaining judicial clerkships in the most recent round of competitions. In total, ten students will be clerking for judges in the various courts in Canada in 2011-2012. This continues our successful showing from last year when Windsor Law placed eleven students in judicial clerkships. Clerkship positions are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the inner workings of the judicial process, learn invaluable advocacy skills, and develop lasting relationships with both members of the judiciary and law students from across the country.

    As a result of the latest recruiting season for the 2011-2012 year, Windsor Law is proud to have students in both the federal and provincial courts. Our placements include the Federal Court, the Ontario Court of Appeal and Superior Court of Justice. In addition, Dean Elman noted that three students had a total of four Supreme Court interviews and approximately 14 students had clerkship interviews overall. As a result, a number of students had the commendable but difficult decision of choosing between multiple offers.

    Home of the Supreme Court of Canada
    Home of the Ontario Court of Appeal

    For the first time, we will have three students clerking at the Federal Court of Canada at one time.
    Ashley Barnes will be clerking with Justice David Near '81, Talia Gordner will be clerking with Justice Robert Barnes and Lindsay Trevelyan will be clerking with Justice Douglas Campbell. Lauren Wilhelm will be at the Ontario Court of Appeal. An impressive five students will be working in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice: Megan Nicholls (Hamilton), Daisy McCabe-Lokos (Toronto), Daniel Lester (Thunder Bay), Cheryll Wood (Ottawa) and Sabrina Fiacco (Brampton). In addition, Windsor Law’s Cheryl-Anne Pine will make a great clerking addition to the Alberta Queen's Bench.

    This year’s placements for 2011 follow upon the excellent results for 2010. Beginning in the summer of 2010,
    Ian Matthews, who completed his LL.M. at Harvard last year, will be working for Justice Marie Deschamps in the Supreme Court of Canada. Mohamed Hashim will be clerking with Justice Hughes in the Federal Court. Carla Hanneman and Eli Moore will be working at the Tax Court in Ottawa. Jamie Au will be at the Ontario Court of Appeal. Finally, six students will be working in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice: Andrew Eckhart and Robert Tarantino (Toronto), Christine Jackson and Lauren Wilhelm (Hamilton), Minoo Birgani (Thunder Bay) and Lindsay Trevelyan (Windsor).

    We heartily congratulate our students. We know these students will proudly carrying the Windsor Law banner into their clerkship year and will continue to enhance our profile, reputation and the potential of future clerkship placements.