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    Conference to consider fight against corruption

    A conference starting Friday at Windsor Law will examine the role of law in combatting corruption.

    Sponsored by
    the Centre for Transnational Law and Justice, the conference “Legal Measures for the Control of Corruption” is organized around three themes: the legal principles which animate the measures, the politics of the measures, and the prospects of the measures. It will run October 1 and 2 in the Ron W. Ianni Faculty of Law Building.

    Law professor Paul Ocheje says legislation as a policy tool in the struggle against corruption is recommended almost reflexively by commentators and analysts.

    "The reliance on, and resort to, law as the principal tool against corruption, especially in the third world, is virtually total and almost exclusive of other measures," he says. "Yet very little currently exists by way of an evaluation of how effective or efficacious legal intervention is or can be in controlling corruption."

    He hopes the conference will help to expose the limits of legislation as a tool of social engineering, while directing attention to other measures that have been largely ignored.

    For more information, including a full program and registration details, visit the conference Web site at