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More Information on the Canadian National Site Licensing Project

The initial focus of CNSLP is to license a limited but high-impact portfolio of fulltext electronic journals and databases, primarily in science, technology, and health-related disciplines.  The current contracts with the vendors are for three years, ending in 2003.

CNSLP is jointly funded by the participating institutions and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, whose goal it is to foster research at Canadian Universities and other institutions.  The project involves 64 institutions of higher education that have come together to leverage Canadian universities' buying power and influence in the information marketplace, and negotiate favourable deals with vendors.  The total amount spent on contracts with the vendors is approximately $46 million.

CNSLP news and promotional items from:

CNSLP news and promotional items from the CNSLP Office

On April 4, 2001 Deb deBruijn, the Executive Director of CNSLP made a "debriefing" presentation to OCUL. She has kindly provided a Powerpoint presentation of that debriefing for OOPS:

Ontario debriefing LicProc 4Apr01 oops.ppt

Deb deBruijn has also made a CNSLP factsheet available at:

CNSLP news and promotional items from OCUL Libraries:

University of Toronto
University of Windsor
Wilfrid University

CNSLP news and promotional items from other sources

McGill: Regina:
Simon Fraser:
University of Alberta
University of Manitoba
University of PEI:

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