What is an MLT
Employment Prospects
Admission Requirements
Health Requirement
Additional Expenses

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Mrs. Laurie Hart
Recruitment Officer
St. Clair College
(519) 966-1656 ext. 4454
Program Length:
South Campus, Windsor
3 years / eight semesters
Diploma Program
Start Date:Fall Semester

As an important member of the health care team, it is the medical laboratory technologist who matches the blood given to an accident victim, who identifies the type of bacteria responsible for an infection, and who analyzes the chemical substances in the body and detects abnormal cells in the blood.

Personal Characteristics:

A caring and professional attitude, a flair for the sciences, and the ability to work well alone or with other people, are valuable assets in this career. You should also possess the logical thinking and manual dexterity to work quickly and accurately under pressure, and to make decisions which directly affect the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Key Features:

  • accredited by the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
  • graduates are eligible to write the initial (general) certification examinations of the Canadian Soc. for Med. Laboratory Science
  • a Transfer Agreement exists with the University of Windsor

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