July 25-27, 2005, Windsor ON Canada

MOPTA 05: Preliminary Program – Last Updated July 29, 2005

Monday, July 25, 2005

7:30Registration and Continental Breakfast Buffet
8:50Opening Remarks
9:00InvitedJorge Moré, Argonne National Laboratory
Evaluating Optimization Software
(Presentation Attached)
10:00Refreshment Break
10:151-1Gema Plaza Martínez, McMaster University
A conic Dantzig-Wolfe interior point decomposition approach for large scale semidefinite programming
(Presentation Attached)
10:45 1-2Maziar Salahi, McMaster University
On Mehrotra-Type Predictor-Corrector Algorithms
11:151-3 Eissa Nematollahi, McMaster University
How Good Are Interior Point Methods? Klee-Minty Cubes Tighten Iteration-complexity Bounds
11:451-4Jiming Peng, McMaster University
K-Means Clustering, Principal Component Analysis and 0-1 SDP
12:15Hot Buffet Lunch
13:152A-1Li Li, University of Windsor
Modal identification using a genetic and Nelder-Mead approach
(Presentation Attached)
2B-1Olesya Peshko, McMaster University
Surface contour reconstruction using structured-light images in low-light conditions
(Presentation Attached)
13:452A-2Kanchan Das, University of Windsor
A multi-objective model for the design of cellular manufacturing system with reliability consideration: a simulated annealing based combinatorial search approach
2B-2Zhuo Zheng, McMaster University
Optimal MR pulse sequence design and field map
(Presentation Attached)
2B-3Hu Zhang, McMaster University
Routing in VLSI Design and Communication Networks
(Presentation Attached)
14:45Refreshment Break
15:00InvitedBrenda L. Dietrich, IBM T J Watson Research Center
COIN-OR: Open-source software for Operations Research -- What, Why and How
(Presentation Attached)
16:153-1Dan Reaume, General Motors Research and Development
Fictitious Play for Optimizing Complex Systems
16:453-2Jeff Alden, General Motors
Operations Research at GM - Selected Projects
(Presentation Attached)
18:30 MOPTA 05 Banquet
Riverfront Terrace Room
Radisson Riverfront Hotel
333 Riverside Drive West
Cocktails at 6:30pm (Cash Bar)
Dinner Served at 7:00pm

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

8:00Continental Breakfast Buffet
9:00InvitedVenkataramanan (Ragu) Balakrishnan, Purdue University
On the modeling and simulation of large-scale systems
(Presentation Attached)
10:00Refreshment Break
10:154-1Janos D. Pinter, PCS Inc. and Dalhousie University
MathOptimizer Professional for Nonlinear Optimization in Mathematica
10:45 4-2Olga Brezhneva, Miami University
Methods for degenerate nonlinear programming
(Presentation Attached)
11:154-3Yueshi Shen, Australian National University
Newton's Method for Constrained Variational Problems with Applications to Robot Path Planning
(Presentation Attached)
11:454-4Shahryar Rahnamayan, University of Waterloo
Optimization of Object Extraction Based on One User-Prepared Sample
(Presentation Attached)
12:15Bar-b-que Lunch and Group Photo
13:305A-1Ben A. Chaouch, University of Windsor
Inventory Control and Periodic Price Discounting Campaigns
5B-1Renying Zeng, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
Analytic Center Cutting Plane Methods And Economic Equilibrium Problems
(Presentation Attached)
14:005A-2Liping Ma, University of Windsor
Optimal Acquisition Policy for a Supply Network with Discount Schemes and Uncertain Demands
(Presentation Attached)
5B-2Leila Rasekh, McGill University
Analytic Center Cutting Plane Method for Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming
(Presentation Attached)
14:305A-3Mikhail Nediak, Queen's University
Price Guarantees in Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
(Presentation Attached)
5B-3Trevor Ackerman, University of Colorado at Denver
Evaluation of greedy, genetic and composite scheduling optimization algorithms applied to remote sensing satellites
(Presentation Attached)
15:00Refreshment Break
15:15InvitedEva K. Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology
Large-Scale Integer Programming for Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
16:306-1Tamas Terlaky, McMaster University
How good are simplex and interior point methods -- What next?
(Presentation Attached)
17:006-2Miguel F. Anjos, University of Waterloo
Recent Progress in Applying Semidefinite Optimization to Satisfiability Problems
(Presentation Attached)
17:306-3Imre Pólik, McMaster University
New features and improvements in the SeDuMi package
(Presentation Attached)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

8:00Continental Breakfast Buffet
9:00InvitedFlorian A. Potra, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Interior-point methods in large neighborhoods of the central path
(Presentation Attached)
10:00 Refreshment Break
10:157-1Dr. Fazle Baki, University of Windsor
Machine-Part Cell Formation
(Presentation Attached)
10:45 7-2Dr. Chitra Rangan, University of Windsor
Optimal Control of Laser-atom interactions for Quantum Computing
(Presentation Attached)
11:157-3Xiaowu Ke, University of Windsor
Formulations and exact methods for the heterogeneous school bus routing and scheduling problem
11:457-4Dr. Walid Abdul-Kader, University of Windsor
Performance Improvement of a Production Line subject to Random Failure and Repair
12:15Buffet Deli Lunch
13:15InvitedJeff Borggaard, Virginia Tech
The Sensitivity Equation Method: characterisation and optimisation of flow systems
(Presentation Attached)
14:308-1Stanley Sclove, University of Illinois at Chicago
Model-Based and Model-Free Optimization of a Stock Day-Trading Strategy
15:20InvitedNick Sahinidis, University of Illinois
Global Optimization with Branch-and-Reduce
(Presentation Attached)
16:20Closing Remarks
16:30 Refreshment Break