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Keeping Abreast of Breast Cancer
Artist: Louise Chance Baxter and Iain Baxter
Colour Photograph

“Keeping Abreast of Breast Cancer” was a large-scale colour photograph. The image was approximately 2 feet in width and 3 feet in length. It was professionally framed in a simple gold frame with black matting. The photo was of a woman’s breasts with 4 books in placed in between them. The photo was cropped to end at the woman’s breasts. No other part of her body was visible. The large breasts rested on a flat surface or table. The surface was covered in a patterned material. The pattern contained large pink and blue flowers. The material was reminiscent of one which would be found on bed-sheets or a table cloth. The woman in the photo was wearing a lime yellow terry cloth bath-robe, which could be seen at the sides of the photograph. The books in between the breasts were books with titles referring to breast cancer. Their titles included, “Caring for the Patient with Breast Cancer (the pink book)”, “Breast Cancer” (the black book and yellow book), the white book had no discernable title and the final black book was also entitled “Breast Cancer”. The breasts in this photographed acted as symbolic bookends for the informative books on breast cancer. The terry cloth robe and the books on care and knowledge of the disease creates a narrative of someone learning about, dealing with, or caring for someone who has breast cancer.
Description by Ilene Sova

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