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Artist: Miriam Schaer
Case:14 x 20 x 8. Book:3.5x 5 x 1.5.
Girdle, acrylic, leather, silk, found objects.
Case shown opened with book shown opened.Altered book from The Consumeršs Report Guide on How to Clean Anything

The sculpture “Housekeeping” by Miriam Schaer consisted of a vintage girdle, small plastic toys, ribbon, and acrylic paint. The sculpture utilized only the upper portion of the girdle, standing about 11 inches in height and 8 inches wide. The girdle was used to make a book-like form, which stood open on a white sculptural stand in the gallery. The binding was created using craft ribbon. The material was painted by the artist with red, green, and gold acrylic paint The inside of the girdle was stuffed and covered with the same material as the outside bra portion of the girdle. This enabled the girdle to become a solid form, which could stand alone without any additional support. Within the form were small hollowed out compartments. The compartments were filled with small toys that replicated objects of domesticity. Small pieces of furniture, kitchen utensils, furniture, shoes, gardening tools and kitchen appliances are some example of the small toys that were included. The middle compartment could be taken apart from the small form, but remained attached by a small ribbon. The split reference of the woman’s body (through the girdle) and the domestic objects (through the small toys) communicated issues of female attachment to the home.
Description by Ilene Sova

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