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A, B, C, D Bra Paintings: #1 and #2 from a series of 4
Artist: Ilene Sova
Oil on Canvas

The two bra paintings from a series of four by Ilene Sova were approximately 2 feet in width and 4 feet in length. The paintings were portraits of two different girls wearing the same blue bra. Both women stand straight, looking directly at the viewer. The paintings include the woman’s bodies from the head down to the upper thigh. One woman had short brown hair. The other had long brown hair. Both women wore blue jeans–but different styles. The background is a wallpaper pattern of blue flowers. The short-haired woman crosses her arms over her with her hand in front of her mouth. She seems self conscious and uncomfortable. The woman with the long brown hair acts as a contradiction to this pose. She stands with confidence. Her hands are on her hips and her breasts are pushed forward. These two images speak about the different relationship that these two woman have towards their bodies and their breasts.
Description by Ilene Sova

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