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Visual Arts

Artist: Shara McLaren

The untitled photograph by Shara McLaren is a 8 by 11 inch silver gelatin black and white photograph. The photograph is framed in a silver frame with white matting. The photo is of the artist herself giving herself a breast self examination. She holds her right arm up in the position for doing the physical check. Her left arm crosses her body holding her right side. The photo includes her head and body down to her belly button. Her body is placed on an angle in front of the lens of the camera. Her face looks down rather than at the viewer. In terms of tonal values the photo is printed in high contrast. The lighting is side lit from the right side creating dramatic lighting on the body. The photograph utilizes signifiers that are used for classical portrait photography to communicate about a young woman performing a breast self examination. In this way the artist makes the activity of disease prevention beautiful.
Description by Ilene Sova

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