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Aunt Kathy
Artist: Jyl Mittag
Plaster Casts

The sculpture “Aunt Kathy” consisted of 3 glass shelves with 9 plaster body casts. The shelves were 3 feet long and hung 2 feet apart from one another. The shelves were hung in place on the gallery wall with metal household brackets. The brackets were painted white to blend in with the gallery wall. On the shelves were 9 plaster body casts of women’s torsos. The plaster represented the torso of the body from just below the collarbone to just above the belly button. The surfaces of the casts were worked sensitively by the artist to be remarkably faithful to skin textures. The plaster was left in its natural white colour. The casts were of the front of the body, reminiscent of a “breast plate” one would find in armour. The torsos were taken from a variety of women. The last torso on the bottom shelf was missing the right breast. It was cut away by the artist with a smooth rounded edge. The removed breast was on the shelf beside the torso. The sculpture echoed the statistic that 1 in 9 women will be affected by breast cancer.
Description by Ilene Sova

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