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Artist: Danielle Bowers

The sculpture “Grandmother” was approximately 1 feet high and of a foot wide. The sculpture retained it’s natural soapstone colouring of earthy greens and copper reds. The surface was smoothed and polished to a high finish. The sculpture was a representation of a woman’s body from the neck to the middle of the torso. The body was not represented in high realism. The artist spoke about the body in a more geometric and symbolic manner. The sculpture was not static or symmetrical. It was angled to the right in it’s sculptural orientation. This gave to the artwork the impression of motion. The right breast on the torso was missing. Where the breast should have been a rough surface remained. This was the only rough unpolished surface on the sculpture. This gave the impression of the form being chipped or hammered away. The missing area of the woman’s body contrasting with the beautifully sculpted work acted as a shocking and symbolic tribute to the mastectomy. The artist attached a small addition to her title. It outlined a family history of breast cancer. Within the text she dedicated the piece to her Aunt and her grandmother who had suffered from the disease.
Description by Ilene Sova

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