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Artist: Ann MacDonald

“Entropy” was a sculptural plaster cast that sat on the floor of the gallery space. The round piece was about 4 feet in diameter. It consisted of varying casts of breasts. Larger breasts were attached to the ball closer to the floor and as the breasts progressed to the top of the ball they varied in size and got smaller. The breasts covered the ball on all sides with no uncovered space on the form. All the plaster breasts on the sculpture were the artist’s breasts at different stages of her prenatal development. The nipples of the casts pointed upwards toward the top of the ball. At the top of the sculpture the four final smallest breasts grouped together in an arrangement much like flower petals. The plaster was sanded to a semi-smooth surface and remained in its natural white form. Displaying the breast in a different unsymmetrical and unnatural ways, without reference to the female body as a whole allowed for the viewer to see the breast and understand the breast in a different way. The breasts became forms separate from the female body. In this way they the artist enabled the viewer to consider the breast in new and dynamic way. The breasts became entities unto themselves, separate from all the sexual connotations that come with seeing a pair of symmetrical breasts next to one another.
Description by Ilene Sova

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