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Sunday, September 15, 2019

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University of Windsor

Revised parking fee structure approved by Board of Governors

As part of the 2009/2010 budget approved by the Board of Governors on Tuesday, faculty, staff, and student parking fees will be restructured to better reflect the actual costs associated with parking on campus.~

Next year's student rates for an eight month, academic year permit will increase from $220 to $286, and the annual faculty and staff rate will increase from $264 to $422.40, with rates to be adjusted over the next three to four years in order to keep pace with the provincial median.

Stephen Willetts, vice-president administration and finance, says parking permit fees have never reflected the true cost of on-campus parking, such as land acquisition, space management services, legal consultation and facility design services, even though these costs have placed a significant burden on the finances of the University.

"On-campus parking is a scarce and limited resource and it is a service that we wish to continue to provide for students, faculty and staff," Willetts said. "However, in light of the University's current financial shortfall, this is a responsible fiscal decision and one that will protect the future of the university and enable it to appropriately maintain its parking assets and plan for future development."