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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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University of Windsor

Attendees applaud university's new image

Thousands of students and employees at yesterday's campus community barbeque applauded the launch of the university's new marketing initiative, snapping up merchandise with the new image.~ The University Bookstore is offering a 20 per cent discount on all clothing with the new logo until end of business Sunday.

First-year political science student Aline Beydoun said the new logo should make for easy sales.

"It looks modern and fresh; it doesn't look like boring university here," she said. "It's something you would actually want to wear."

Kristen Sills, program development officer for the Centre for Executive Education, said she was excited because she already got a t-shirt. "We came together as a campus to start fresh. Our new marketing will establish our presence on the national stage."

And at the bookstore's sales tent, set up in the quad between Dillon and Chrysler Halls, sales were brisk, including a lanyard to health and safety coordinator Lisa Kiritsis.

"I wanted to support the new logo," she said. "I like it. It's modern and I like the colours."

Jen Collucci, a fourth-year marketing student in the Odette School of Business, agreed: "It's exciting and fresh. The colours look earthy, but not in a bad way—like spring and new growth."

Not everyone took to the new look. Ajeet Singh, a first-year general sciences student, said he had hoped for "something that would have more pizzazz."

Still, William Ma, president of the University of Windsor Students' Alliance, said the UWindsor brand goes beyond a logo or tagline.

"It's not about surveys," he said. "It's about what happens here."

And of course, everyone could agree that free food and music are always welcome.

At left, spectators applaud the unfurling of a banner featuring the university's new logo on Dillon Hall; right: housekeepers Deb Bastien and Fay MacDonald replace the old flag with the new, outside Chrysler Hall.

Early adopter: Wenjuan Huang, a master's student in chemistry, looks over the t-shirts at the bookstore's sales tent yesterday in front of Chrysler Hall.

Left: fourth-year biology and biotechnology major Zeinab Mezaael and first-year political science major Aline Beydoun liked the excitement of the barbeque. "I wish this could happen every day," said Mezaael. Right: UWSA executives Jen Collucci and William Ma relax in their official new t-shirts.

Evelyn Oteng-pabi, president of the student African Union club, accepts a drink from Susan Whelan, a member of the Alumni Association's board of directors.