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MA in Social Data Analysis
(Note: As of Fall 2014 there are no new admissions to this program.)

Private and public sector organizations are in constant need of institutional, market and population research. They regularly encounter data that cannot be easily summarized and put into practice. They require skilled individuals who can analyze information, draw conclusions and suggest practical implications and policies. This one-year, three semester course-based Master’s program responds to this growing demand for highly qualified data analysts who can work with complex data sets, draw conclusions and make recommendations for policy.

Program Requirements for MA in Social Data Analysis
Admission Requirements:
1) Applicants to the program must hold an Honours Degree in one of social sciences or closely related discipline.
2) Minimum major and cumulative averages of 70%.
3) At least 2 semester length undergraduate statistics courses with a 77% minimum average in these courses.
5) Three reference letters

Degree Requirements:

(a) PSYC-8511, SACR-8050, SACR-8070/SACR-8080 (cross listed as PSYC-8070/PSYC-8080), SACR-8794/SACR-8795 (cross listed as PSYC-8794/PSYC-8795), and two of PSYC-8512, PSYC-8513 or SACR-8050.
Students may substitute PSYC-8513 for SACR-8050.

Program Sequencing:
Students will complete their 6 courses in term 1 and 2 and complete their Final Project (SACR-8794/SACR-8795 cross-listed as PSYC-8794/PSYC-8795) during the Spring/Summer semesters.

Fall: PSYC-8511, SACR-8050, SACR-8070 (cross listed as PSYC-8070)
Winter: SACR-8080 (cross listed as PSYC-8080), and two of PSYC-8512, PSYC-8513 or SACR-8050
IS: SACR-8794/SACR-8795(cross listed as PSYC-8794/PSYC-8795)