Dr. Andrew Allen
Faculty of Education

Andrew M.A. Allen, B.Tech., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D.

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Dr. Andrew Allen

My scholarly interests range widely and are informed by critical and sociocultural theories. I am particularly interested in how classroom social and cultural structures and norms affect both teaching and learning.

Research Interests: Anti-racist Education and Educational Equity; Critical Pedagogy; Critical Social Theory;

Race, Class and Gender and Issues of Social Difference and Marginalization in Education and Schooling; Urban Education;

Multicultural Children's Literature as a Meaning Making Process for Emergent Readers; Early Writers and the Conflicting Values in Process Writing Pedagogy; Science, Technology and Society; Mathematical and Technological Literacy

Critical Teacher Education and Negotiating a Critical Teaching Practice. Developing a Teacher Identity and Factors Contributing to and Affecting the Process of Learning to Teach.