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    Dennis L. Jackson, Ph. D.
    Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext:2229

    Department of Psychology
    University of Windsor
    Chrysler Hall South
    401 Sunset Avenue Windsor, Ontario Canada N9B 3P4
    Phone: (519) 253-3000

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    Past workshops and colloquia include
    When will null hypothesis significance testing wear out its welcome? Colloquium presented at the Psychology Department Colloquia Series, November 2010.

    Honours Student Workshops: A series of three workshops covering a range of topics that Honours Students will find helpful in analyzing their thesis data. The workshops are being offered by graduate students in Advanced Multivariate Analysis (46-513).

    Structural Equation Modeling: An introduction to SEM and related techniques, with a lab allowing participants to conduct an analysis with Amos.

    Latent Growth Modeling: An introduction to latent growth (curve) modeling techniques with a hands-on component using Amos.