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    Dr. Dragana Martinovic
    401 Sunset Avenue
    Windsor, ON Canada N9B 3P4
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    Research Group for Human Development Technologies

    This Research Group brings together individuals with expertise and research interest in creation and analysis of technologies and the technological output that support and enhance human capabilities, education, health, and social environments. This integrated approach seeks to generate (a) expertise (i.e., highly qualified individuals); (b) new and innovative technologies; and (c) technological applications.

    Both social and cognitive aspects of human development in the world saturated with various technologies are researched by members of this Research Group.

    Our present projects involve:

    Our Improving Cognitive Processing by Playing Computer Games study was funded through the SSHRC Insight Development Grant competition. Here is a brief about this project:

    As part of the Government of Canada Support for the Commercialization of Neurotechnologies in Southern Ontario, our project on Using Video Games to Identify and Improve Cognition in School-Aged Children, was funded. Here is a brief about the project:

    (from left) Our industry partner Rob Whent with his wife Louanne, Dr. Christie Ezeife, Honorable Minister Goodyear, and Dr. Dragana Martinovic at the announcement of funding at the Toronto Rehabilitation Center.

    Members from the Core Faculties:

    Dr. Christie Ezeife (School of Computer Science, University of Windsor) - Database and Data Mining Research Director

    Dr. Richard Frost (School of Computer Science, University of Windsor) - Artificial Intelligence Systems Director

    Dr. Dragana Martinovic (Faculty of Education, University of Windsor) - Director

    Researchers from other disciplines, Faculties, and institutions, as well as private sector partners, are invited to collaborate with us.

    Private sector partners:

    Mr. Robert Whent, P.Eng. (President OTEP Inc., www.otep.com) - Publicity Advisor and Advisory Board member

    Dr. Hansel Huang, OD (Optometrist, Eye Care First, Windsor)


    Dr. David Lynn, Ed.D. (Director of Professional Development, educational consultant with Carrington Communications)

    Ms. Heather Liffiton B.Ed., M.Ed. (retired, Superintendent of Special Education Programs and Services and Interim Director of Education, GECDSB)

    Research Assistance:

    Yuqi Yang, MEd, University of Windsor (scheduling and student involvement)

    Atinuke Adeyemi, PhD student, Educational Studies, University of Windsor (funds, budget)

    Chantal M. Pomerleau, B.A. Psychology, University of Windsor (validation of games)

    Ritu Chatuverdi, PhD student, Computer Science, University of Windsor (measuring performance in games)

    Software developers, School of Computer Science, University of Windsor:

    Yanal Alahmad (working with Dr. Ezeife on OTEP_DWH Schema & Instance Integration Engine)

    Tamanna Mumu (working with Dr. Ezeife on OTEP_DWH Schema & Instance Integration Engine)

    Paul Meyer (working with Dr. Frost on speech games)

    Jon Donais (working with Dr. Frost on speech games)

    Matthew Clifford (working with Dr. Frost on speech games)

    Former Research Assistants

    Meaghan McDowall, B.A. Psychology, University of Windsor (evaluation of games)

    Our work is supported by:

    SSHRC'S official visual identifier Ontario Centres of Excellence

    Our lab:

    Send your inquires to:

    Dragana Martinovic
    University of Windsor
    401 Sunset Ave.
    Windsor, ON N9B 3P4
    Tel: 519-253-3000 X 3962
    Fax: 519-971-3694

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