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    Dr. Dragana Martinovic
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    Dragana Martinovic is a Professor of Mathematics Education at University of Windsor, where she leads the Human Development Technologies Research Group. Dragana is a Fellow of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and a Co-Director of the newly organized Fields Centre for Mathematics Education. She is a recipient of the Excellence in Mentoring Award at University of Windsor. In her research Dragana explores ways in which technology can improve teaching and learning outcomes, and the digital literacy skills needed for a successful learner and worker of the 21st century. She is dedicated to supporting teacher-led research and providing opportunities for all involved in education to collaboratively work towards increasing student engagement, success, and love for learning.

    Dragana is on the Executive for the Mathematics Knowledge Network, hosted by the Fields Centre for Mathematics Education. She currently co-chairs the Mathematics Leadership Community of Practice (since 2016) and the Fields Cognitive Science Network for Empirical Study of Mathematics and How it is Learned, and is a founding and current co-editor of the Springer book series, Mathematics Education in the Digital Era, and Editor-in-Chief of the Fields Mathematics Education Journal. Dragana has also organized multiple knowledge mobilization events, such as international conferences related to research in mathematics education, and regional Research-to-Practice festivals and Learning Fairs, featuring teachers as researchers, and celebrating the process and the outcomes of collaborative inquiry in Ontario.

    Together with Dragana, Co-directors of the Fields Cognitive Science Network, an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers, are Marcel Danesi (Anthropology, University of Toronto) and Rafael Núñez (Cognitive Science, UC San Diego). In March 2013, the network had a very successful workshop at the Fields Institute, with an excellent group of international speakers. In collaboration with Lincom EU, the network has also published four books in the series: Interdisciplinary Studies on the Nature of Mathematics . We also have a series titled, Mathematics in Mind, in which we published the most recent book on Mathematics (Education) in the Information Age.

    Dragana is also the Chair of the GeoGebra Institute of Canada / Institut de GeoGebra du Canada (GIC-IGC). This national institute supports training, development and research in relation to open-access mathematics software GeoGebra. The Institute is accredited by the International GeoGebra Institute.

    Since 2011, Dragana was a member of the SURE Steering Committee, a collaborative initiative designed to bridge research and practice in the London region of the Ontario Ministry of Education. In 2013, she was elected as a Vice Chair and in 2014 as a Chair of SURE network. SURE was funded through the London Region Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Professional Network Centre (PNC) and was led by a Steering Committee made up of representatives from the sixteen district school boards and five provincially - funded universities with faculties of education.

    Dragana has chaired and co-chaired various international conferences, such as the First North American conference on GeoGebra, GeoGebra-NA 2010 (Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY), The Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME/AOEM) Annual Conference at University of Windsor in 2011, the Second North-American GeoGebra conference, GeoGebra-NA2011 (Toronto, June 17-18, 2011) and GeoGebra-NA-2014 (Toronto, 21-22 November, 2014 ) .

    From 2006-2013, together with Frank DiPietro from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, Dragana co-chaired the Windsor-Essex Mathematics Olympiad (WEMO) for Grades 7-8. This annual event was hosted by the Faculty of Education of the University of Windsor and sustained by a team of dedicated grade teachers, math educators, mathematicians and teacher candidates from Dragana's classes. Over the years, the WEMO received support from the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Canadian Mathematics Society, Windsor Essex Catholic DSB and Greater Essex County DSB.

    Dragana is working on national and international research projects. Her current and recent projects include: