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Huiming Zhang
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Undergraduate Courses

03-55-258 Principles of Neuroscience
This is a survey course providing familiarity with and an understanding of the basic principles of Neuroscience. The main emphasis will be on the morphology of nervous systems and the processing of neural signals. Such basics will be used to discuss sensory processes, motor control, and higher brain functions. This course will provide a background for students interested in taking higher level courses related to the neurosciences. (Prerequisites: 55-140, 55-141, 55-204, or permission of instructor) (3 lecture hours.)

03-55-485 Behavioural Neurobiology
This course will cover the structural, physiological, and biochemical mechanisms in the nervous system that are important for animal natural behaviours. In-depth case studies will be conducted to examine how animals have developed neural mechanisms for solving behavioural problems encountered in their environmental niches. Topics will be related to sensory processing, motor control, and learning and memory. Research methods used in the study of neural mechanisms of behaviour will also be discussed. (Prerequisite: 55-258 or permission of instructor) (3 lecture hours a week)

03-55-480-03 Neurophysiology
This course examines latest discoveries and modern techniques in neurophysiology. Topics cover the generation, conduction, and transmission of neural signals. The major focus of the course is physiological mechanisms of sensory processing and motor control. Through examinations of original research papers, the course will demonstrate how scientific problems in neurophysiology are identified, how specific techniques are employed, how experiments are designed, and how results are interpreted. (Prerequisite: 55-258 or permission of instructor) (3 lecture hours a week)

Graduate Courses

03-55-601-01 Advanced Behavioural Neurobiology

03-55-602-01 Advanced Neurophysiology