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Iain M Samson

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Dr. Iain M. Samson
B.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Strathclyde)

My research interests revolve around hydrothermal systems, particlarly as they relate to mineral deposits. My recent work has involved studies of hydrothermal rare element deposits, Olympic Dam-type deposits, the geochemistry of W in hydrothermal systems, Ag-Au mineralization, the origin of fluids in the Irish Zn-Pb deposits, and, most recently, on the role of volatiles in the formation and modification of PGE deposits.

I use a variety of approaches to understanding these systems, including fluid inclusion analysis, mineral chemistry, stable and radiogenic isotopes, and thermodynamic modelling.

In collaboration with Dr. Brian Fryer, we have been developing the ability to quantitatively determine the chemistry of fluid inclusions using laser ablation ICP-MS techniques at the University of Windsor. This work has been the focus of the Ph.D. thesis of Joel Gagnon, who is being co-supervised by Dr. A.E. Williams-Jones (McGill). We also have two modern Raman spectrometers and a micro FTIR instrument. Together, these provide state-of-the-art micro-analysis facilities for fluid inclusions at the University of Windsor.

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