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FAWG (Food Advisory Working Group for Windsor-Essex County) is a group of University of Windsor students, faculty and community members dedicated to developing and implementing a food charter in our community. The roots of FAWG began in my 48/49-340, Food and Global Sustainability, in which students identified food deserts in Windsor-Essex County. Meeting since early 2010, we are interested in achieving a more localised, healthy, and sustainable food system in our community. FAWG launched a public forum on "Building a Food Charter for Windsor-Essex County" on March 10th, 2011. The Report on the forum is available on the FAWG website (

FAWG's work has raised the question of what good food means to residents of Windsor Essex County. I have just begun a research project on this issue, with an eye to supporting efforts to develop Windsor Essex County as a fresh food community. The project is funded by the University of Windsor.

I have also been working with Dr. Sally Cole (Concordia University) on a SSHRC-funded project on women's lives, women's movements and "publics" in Latin America, with field research undertaken in Ecuador and Brazil. Our research to date has been published in Signs, Atlantis, and Critical Criminology. We are currently working on a book-length manuscript (Pluto Press) along with Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan and Erica Lagalisse.

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