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Professor Reza Nakhaie
Research Projects
Courses Taught

Sociology & Anthropology

University of Windsor
Chrysler Hall South
401 Sunset Avenue Windsor, Ontario Canada N9B 3P4
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext:3706

Professor Reza Nakhaie has been actively involved in measurement and study of social class, gender and race/ethnicity as principle categories in the organization of daily social life and how these shape social rankings, access to resources and life experiences. His main focus of investigation in the area of social inequality is on the role of equity (justice and fairness) and diversity (various demographic concerns) in Canadian society, in general, and more recently, in higher education. His research interests also involve topics such as crime, delinquency, fear of crime, family violence and the role of the media in perpetuating a hegemonic conception of social reality.

His current research involves investigation of several areas:
  • political and ethnic culture of Canadian professors and their mobility through the ranks
  • labour market integration of immigrants
  • social mobility of minority groups
  • the importance of norms of reciprocity, trust, networks, social connections and support for health, crime, inequality and political participation

In general, his research is characterized by sophisticated methodological analysis of highly diverse data bases and by critical theoretical contributions to Marxist, feminist and cultural theorists.

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