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Audra Ong and Roger Hussey presented their paper ‘The Opinions of Taiwanese Standard setters on International Accounting Harmonization’, at the Emerging Issues in International Accounting Conference, University of Padua, Italy, June, 2004.

Audra Ong and Roger Hussey’s paper “Fudged Accounting Theory and Corporate Leverage” is accepted for forthcoming (2005) publication in Journal of Management Research.

Audra Ong and Roger Hussey’s book International Financial Reporting Standards Desk
Reference: Overview, Guide and Dictionary, is forthcoming from John Wiley & Sons Inc, April,

Roger Hussey (w/ Collis, J.) completed the book Accounting for Business (First Edition) London,
UK, Palgrave, forthcoming 2005.

Roger Hussey’s (w/ Bendrey, M. and West, C.) book Essential Elements of Financial Accounting, (First edition) London, UK, published by Thomson Learning, 2004.

Roger Hussey’s book (w/ Bendrey, M. and West, C.) entitled Essential Elements of Management Accounting, First edition, London, UK, was published in 2004 by Thomson Learning.