Dr. Roger Hussey

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    Dr. Roger Hussey

    Dr. Roger Hussey

    Former dean of the Odette School of Business July 2000 - 2005, Dr. Roger Hussey was previously at the Bristol Business School, University of West England.

    In the early part of his career, Dr. Hussey qualified as an accountant in the UK and worked in a senior position for a number of companies.

    It was not until his early thirties that he commenced an academic career by taking a Masters degree in Industrial Relations at Bath University. From there he moved to the Industrial Relations Unit at Oxford University as Director of Research in Employee Communications. After 6 years in this post he combined his accounting and communications expertise as the Deloitte & Touche Professor in Financial Communications at Bristol Business School.

    His major research interests have been in the regulation, theory and practice of financial accounting and reporting, in accounting standards setting processes, and in factors affecting the financial performances of small and medium enterprises.

    Dr. Hussey's 17th book is forthcoming. He has contributed chapters in ten other books and has produced a substantial number of articles and conference presentations.