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Welcome to the Sale Lab

This is very much a virtual lab -- since May 2007 it has lacked any physical existence on the UW campus, and I live several hours from campus in the Muskoka region of Ontario. I continue to engage in research projects, chiefly in tropical coastal and marine management, and to publish in the technical and the popular press. Following a successful appointment (to March 2014) with United Nations University's Canada-based unit, the Institute for Water Environment and Health -- UNU-INWEH, for short ( -- I now give time to the Muskoka Watershed Council ( which I currently chair. The watershed council is a unique collaborative effort between local government and the community to educate and inform, while bringing current science to bear, and provide well-informed advice to guide sustainable management of our local environment. My recent book, Our Dying Planet, has allowed me to build an active speaking program on critical environmental issues that frequently takes me to other parts of North America and beyond.

"Around the world, coral reef resources are declining due to lack of management, mis-management and over-fishing. We already understand reef ecology sufficiently to be certain that greater fishery yields, greater tourist revenues, and longer-term viability of coral reef systems would all result from informed management."
from Sale, et al., 1994. Nat. Geog. Res. & Explor. 10: 224-235.

The Blog

Having published one book on the global environmental crisis, I found myself still wanting to speak out about that issue, and began a blog in which I discussed recent science appearing in the technical literature, and recent news items, both Canadian and global. Inevitably, the politics of Canada’s energy and environment policies became one part of it. The Blog is located on my other website

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