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Coastal Zone management in the Arabian Gulf

This project was a collaboration between UNU-INWEH and Nakheel, the for-profit, real-estate development, government-owned enterprise based in Dubai. Nakheel is responsible for the five mega-projects off the Dubai coast: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, The World, Palm Deira, and Dubai Waterfront.

Objectives of the project were 1) to design and implement an Environmental Monitoring Program for the marine ecosystems surrounding the Nakheel projects, 2) to use monitoring data and targeted environmental research to build an Environmental Management Program for Nakheel, 3) to mentor Nakheel Environment Department personnel in all aspects of the monitoring and management program, and 4) to use the project as a way of extending capacity building in coastal marine management to agencies and individuals throughout the region. To that end, we undertook 1) a series of training workshops that recruited participants from throughout the Middle East, 2) various forms of research collaboration with faculty and advanced students in regional universities, and a substantial research program to understand the ecological functioning of theses unique marine systems.

This project has been managed through UNU-INWEH, and more detail is available on their website

The project included, inaddition to me and Ms. Hanneke van Lavieren, the project officer, both at UNU-INWEH, co-principal investigators, Ken Drouillard, University of Windsor, Charles Trick, University of Western Ontario, and Bjorn Kjerfve, Texas A& M University, John Burt, Zayed University, Dubai, and an on-site team of five researchers: Georgenes Cavalcante, David Feary, Elise Marquis, Andrew Bauman and Paolo Usseglio. The project formally commenced in January 2007. The financial downturn in Dubai forced Nakheel to suspend it indefinitely in September 2009.

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