Linda Urquhart

Brian's mother's mother was a Flynn. Anne Reaume has also worked on this Family Tree and has been able to go back as far as Brian's great-great-grandfather Myles Flynn born in Ireland in 1863..

Descendants of Myles Flynn

Generation No. 1

1. Myles1 Flynn was born 1836 in Ireland1. He married Elisabeth Boyle. She was born in Ireland2.

Children of Myles Flynn and Elisabeth Boyle are:
2 i. John2 Flynn, born 1853.
+ 3 ii. Anna Flynn, born 1854 in Ireland.
+ 4 iii. James Patrick Flynn, born 18 Mar 1858 in Ireland; died 11 Dec 1927 in St Joseph's Hospital, Chatham, Kent, ON.
5 iv. Peter Flynn, born 1861.
6 v. Bernard Flynn, born 1869.
7 vi. Myles Flynn, born 1876.
8 vii. Mary Flynn, born in Ireland.

Generation No. 2

3. Anna2 Flynn (Myles1) was born 1854 in Ireland. She married Patrick Broderick.

Children of Anna Flynn and Patrick Broderick are:
+ 9 i. Michael3 Broderick, born 12 Nov 1884 in Chatham, Kent, ON, CA.
10 ii. John James Broderick, born 26 Feb 1893 in ON, CA. He married Daisy Sims in York, ON, CA.

4. James Patrick2 Flynn (Myles1) was born 18 Mar 1858 in Ireland3, and died 11 Dec 1927 in St Joseph's Hospital, Chatham, Kent, ON4. He married Mary Kilkenny 22 Apr 1878 in Chapel of Glenfarne, County Leitrium, Ireland, daughter of Owen Kilkenny and Ann Feeley. She was born 21 Feb 1857 in Ireland5,6, and died 05 Dec 1928 in 135 Richmond St, Chatham, Kent, ON6.

Notes for James Patrick Flynn:
Obituary: Chatham Daily News Monday, December 12, 1927

The sad death of James P Flynn, a well known and highly respected citizen of Chatham, occurred Sunday at two pm in St Joseph's hospital. Mr. Flynn had been ailing for the past year but entered the hospital only nine days ago. Death came as a shock to his family and wide circle of friends. He was born in Ireland seventy years next March came to Chatham in 1879 and in 1880 entered into the employ of Thomas Stone with whom he was connected until his death. Mr. Flynn was always kind and courteous and will be missed by a large group of friends.
He was a devout member of St. Joseph's Church, belonged to the Catholic Order of Foresters, Knights of Columbus, the Holy Name Society and St. Vincent De Pauls Society. Mr. Flynn leaves to mourn their loss a wife, two daughters, Mrs. Val Rowan of Young, Saskatchewan, Mrs. Alphonse Reaume, Chatham and two sisters Mary in Ireland and Mrs. P. Broderick, Toronto.
Funeral arrangements are pending the arrival of the sister from the west.

More About James Patrick Flynn:
Burial: 15 Dec 1927, St Anthony's Cemetery, Chatham, Kent, ON
Cause of Death: cardiac decompensation / mitral insufficiency6
Immigration: 1879, Immigrated into Canada7
Occupation: 1901, Clerk7
Residence: 1881, Chatham, Kent, ON living with them are Ann McGowan and her daughter Ann8

Notes for Mary Kilkenny:
Obituary: Chatham Daily News. Thursday, Dec 6, 1928


The sudden and unexpected death occurred last evening of Mary, relict of the late James Flynn, 135 richmond street, in St Joseph's Hospital.
the late Mrs, Flynn had been ailing only since last Friday, when she took a sudden spell and passed away in a short time.
she was born in Irelnad, where she was married, coming to this country about two years after her marriage. she settled in this city where she has since been a highly respected member . The late Mr Flynn, who predeceased her about one year ago, had been employed at the Spencer Stone Stores for over forty seven years. Mrs Flynn was a dvout member of St Joseph's CHurch, a valued member of the ladies altar society and Catholic Women's League. for many years she was a member of the board of the ladies home and was very active, doing much to help the needy of the city.
Funeral arrangements are awaiting word from her daughter, Mrs Rowan, Young Saskatchewan and will be announced later. another daughter also survives, Mrs. alphonse reaume of htis city; two sisters Mrs Alice Clancy of London england and Mrs Elizabeth Curran, of her old home in Ireland.

Obituary: Chatham Daily News, Tuesday, Dec 11, 1928


The funeral of the late Mary Flynn relict of the late James Flynn, whose sad death occurred last Wednesday evening at her home, 135 Richmond St, was held Monday morning form the family residence at 7:45 to St Joseph's church at 8 o'clock.
The church was filled with the many friends of the deceased who paid their last respects to her as a friend, well-liked and highly esteeme by them. the floral tributes and spiritual bouquets were also a mark of esteem to the deceased. Grand requiem high mass was siad by Rev Father MacKesy as deacon and Rev Father Walsh as sub deacon. Rev Father Harrigan of the Blessed Sacrament Church was also in attendence. Services at the gravesite were performed by Rev Father Walsh.
the pall bearers were Dan Donvan, R. Killeen, J. Stephens, Con E Shae, A McGregor and Leo Dulong. Interment took place in the family plot in St Anthony's cemetery.

More About Mary Kilkenny:
Cause of Death: Ch Bronchitis and Asthma / Myocardiac Degeneration

Children of James Flynn and Mary Kilkenny are:
11 i. Anna (Annie)3 Flynn, born 14 Jun 1879 in Scotland9.
12 ii. John James Flynn, born 16 Jun 1881 in Chatham, Kent, ON11; died 26 Aug 1882 in Chatham, Kent, ON12.
13 iii. Mary Elizabeth Flynn, born 07 Jan 1883 in Chatham, Kent, ON13; died 07 Jan 1893 in Chatham, Kent, ON14.
14 iv. George L. T. Flynn, born 08 Jul 1887 in Chatham, Kent, ON15; died 19 Feb 1891 in Chatham, Kent, ON16.
15 v. Mary Illeen Flynn, born 09 Aug 1893 in Chatham, Kent, ON17; died 11 Aug 1893 in Chatham, Kent, ON.
+ 16 vi. Mary Norma Flynn, born 04 Aug 1897 in Chatham, Kent, ON; died 1971 in Chatham, Kent, ON.

Generation No. 3

9. Michael3 Broderick (Anna2 Flynn, Myles1) was born 12 Nov 1884 in Chatham, Kent, ON, CA. He married Alma Byerlay 08 Sep 1906 in Petrolia, Lambton, ON, CA, daughter of John Byerlay and Mary Morrow. She was born Abt. 1888.

More About Michael Broderick:
Occupation: 1906, ticket agent for railroad18
Residence: 1908, Petrolia, Lambton, ON, CA19

Children of Michael Broderick and Alma Byerlay are:
17 i. John Patrick4 Broderick, born 05 Nov 1908 in Petrolia, Lambton, ON, CA.
18 ii. Mary A Broderick, born Abt. 1912 in Canada.
19 iii. Alice Broderick, born Abt. 1917 in MI, US.
20 iv. Gertrude Broderick, born Abt. 1921 in MI, US.

16. Mary Norma3 Flynn (James Patrick2, Myles1)20 was born 04 Aug 1897 in Chatham, Kent, ON21,22, and died 1971 in Chatham, Kent, ON. She married Martin Alphonse Reaume 30 Jan 1923 in St. Joseph's Church, Chatham, ON, son of Charles Reaume and Anna Brady. He was born 05 Jun 1893 in St. Joseph Hospital, Chatham, ON, and died 27 Sep 1954 in Chatham, ON.

More About Mary Norma Flynn:
Burial: 1971, St.Anthony's Cemetery, Chatham, Kent, ON

Notes for Martin Alphonse Reaume:
Obituary by Victor Lauriston

"Phonse Reaume throughout his useful life personified cheerfulness, friendliness, courtesy and courage. these qualities deep rooted in his Christian faith, shone at their best and brightest through his last tedious and painful illness.

Our nodding acquaintance of long standing grew into a warm friendship when "Phonse joined the board of education as Separate School representative. The Separate School board contributed a succession of good men, but "Phonse was outstanding.

He was singularly useful on the vocational committee where his intimate knowledge of factory organization and equipment, garnered in his long years with the Weaver and Colville enterprises, made his voice authoritative.

So much so that , when his term as representative expired, our board brought him back as an appointive member. throughout, even while he represented the Separate Schools, he service was rendered to the entire community.

Active in the organization of his own faith, his interests extended far beyond it, to the welfare of the younger generation of all faiths. He served on the playgrounds committee; hockey and baseball found in him, not merely an enthusiastic fan, but, more important still, a skilled and enthusiastic coach for young players. They'll miss him, but they'll remember his kindly interest and his encouragement of their efforts.

A striking feature about "Phonse was his amazing physical resemblance to Mackenzie King. "Mr. King" was not an unusual salutation from board members. But I've heard that at a distance form Chatham "Phonse was quite often seriously mistaken for the former Prime Minister.

His political leanings being what they were, "Phonse grinned and took the error as a compliment. He had, what Mackenzie King is said to have lacked, a sense of humour. I recall an incident at a party the board of education members attended perhaps as hosts, perhaps as guests.

A lady member, much concerned, told him, "Mr. Reaume, you have whipped cream on your chin." "Phonse smiled. "You have too," he returned, blandly, "but I was too polite to mention it."

Thinking of "Phonse Reaume as we knew him, it is such light-hearted incidents and aspects that recur. They are some anodyne to the thought of the long illness which he bore, not merely with Christian fortitude, but with kindly consideration for those who loved and cared for him.

I can remember Norma Reaume as a little girl, long before she became the mother of six sturdy sons and three daughters. "Phonse, always happy, was happiest in the congenial family circle. After all, the strength of a country is in its Christian homes; and the man who is a good husband and father is a good citizen.

More About Martin Alphonse Reaume:
Burial: 1954, St. Anthony's Cemetery, Chatham, Kent, ON
Residence: 1928, 160 Forest St, Chatham, ON23

Children of Mary Flynn and Martin Reaume are:
21 i. Mary Joan Gertrude4 Reaume, born 15 Nov 1923 in Chatham, ON24; died 10 Jun 2001 in Windsor, ON. She married Edward Charles Anthony Urquhart 19 Sep 1942 in St. Joseph's Church, Chatham, ON; born 27 Nov 1921 in Chatham, ON24; died 06 Jan 1989 in Windsor, ON.
22 ii. Lucille Doris Reaume, born 03 Dec 1925 in Chatham, ON. She married George Good 28 Apr 1951 in Chatham, ON; born 22 Jul 1924 in Fillmore, SK, CA.
23 iii. Lois Jeannette Reaume, born 30 Aug 1928 in Chatham, Kent, ON. She married Joseph Goldhawk 26 Feb 1949 in Chatham, Kent, ON.
24 iv. John William Reaume, born 03 Nov 1929 in Chatham, ON. He married Beverly Margaret Ridgers 18 Jun 1955 in St. Joseph's Church, Chatham, ON.
25 v. Gerald Flynn Reaume, born 06 Mar 1932 in Chatham, ON; died 27 Dec 1976 in Windsor, ON. He married Phyllis 11 Nov 1968.
26 vi. Geraldine Ann Reaume, born 06 Mar 1932 in Chatham, ON; died 16 Aug 1940 in Chatham, ON.
27 vii. Martin Alphonse Reaume, born 05 Jul 1934 in Chatham, ON; died 26 Sep 2004 in Richmond Hill, ON. He married Marg Driscoll 07 Nov 1959.
28 viii. James Flynn Reaume, born 30 Mar 1936 in Chatham, ON. He married Betty Logan 11 May 1963.
29 ix. Charles Kevin Reaume, born 18 Sep 1937 in Chatham, ON; died 05 Jan 2008 in Port Elgin, ON, CA. He married Muriel Aylesworth 28 Sep 1963.
30 x. Brady Michael Reaume, born 27 Sep 1942 in Chatham, ON. He married Patti Bettridge 20 May 1967.


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